ZenGarden accepts day of judgement

Interestingly, if you do a little research, key members of the stage6 team (operating under the name ZenGarden) moved on to other things in late Jan/early Feb.

With 19MM uniques, and a management team including ex DivX CEO Jordan Greenhall, they had no problems bringing $$$ to the table! They had a VC lined up with $25MM ready to go

For some reason, the spin-out didn’t work.

So why didn’t it work? Did DivX not get the valuation they wanted? Was there a condition that couldn’t be worked out? What was so important to kill off 19MM members of a community and to tick off a huge number of fans?


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One Response to “ZenGarden accepts day of judgement”

  1. gordonmattey Says:

    Full detail on deal failure here on TechCrunch

    DivX completely screwed this, I will have a follow up post on why they shouldn’t have even let it go this far. They should never have wanted to release Stage6. There was so much locked up value.

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