who writes this stuff?

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Grew up in Jakarata, Indonesia and Singapore, Matured in South East England, Resident in California, USA.

My background is firmly rooted in the creation of interactive media.  I wrote my first “green screen” games in Basic on a cloned Apple IIe when I was 8 years old and almost veered into a career in architecture.  Fortunately I decided to stick with software and have been developing products and businesses related to Video since 1998.

For as long as I can remember I have been questioning the status quo and have taken the opportunity to innovate.

I write this blog because I see a significant shift of power, giving Video Producers and Viewers significant opportunities to create social, cultural, educational, emotional, and economic capital, without the need for intermediaries.

Say hi below or feel free to contact me somewhere on the web.

Digital Me

Gordon Mattey @ LinkedIn Linkedin @gordonmattey

Email / gordon [dot] mattey [at] gmail.com


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