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Teaching old dogs new tricks

Friday, 7 November 2008

We’ve talked about it before, a few times.

You can’t simply recreate the studio model for the Internet, check out all these internet video studios laying off people (60frames, Revision3, SpotRunner, Break, ManiaTV, and Heavy)

I heard some bloke on the LA subway talking yesterday saying, “Yeah the film was funded my Mirimax, but it was badly managed, they never gave enough time to create the hype so it didn’t do well”.

Exactly.  Your mothers TV and Movies were all about creating the “hype”.  It was about using marketing dominance to drive audience numbers.

It doesn’t work that way on the internet.  You can’t spend enough, consistently, over and over again.  There are too many choices, and no one looks at display ads anyway.

If you want to build an audience, quality matters.  You need to spend money on TALENT.  You need to build an audience, one fan at a time.  There’s no formula anymore.

So why continue to use the studio model and continue to take away creative freedom?  The internet and cheap production tools give an individual ultimate creative freedom.  They can drive their own destiny.  They don’t need the studios anymore.

Revolutionary new organisations built around new production tools and new types of content like are receiving funding in a financial market that is collapsing.

Let’s trust talent to be competent enough to create something compelling, to create their own stories.  We need to give them the tools to produce content, host content and build an audience.  And we need to give viewers an efficient way to discover and find this new content.

Let’s build a video infrastructure that actually provides benefit to the people that matter.  Storytellers and their fans.

Opportunities for talent in TV2.0

Friday, 1 February 2008

There hasn’t been much news on the writers strike this week, and the WGA still has control.

The general consensus is that the Studios and the WGA are likely to agree a deal, but I think they are both arguing at the expense of the most important person in all of this mess, the Viewer.

What the WGA and all the other unions should realise is that by renegotiating, all they are doing is messing around while the towers they and the Studios have built are crumbling down.

The new value systems, enabled by cheap production and almost zero-cost internet distribution will enable all Talent to thrive. With the right financing models, it will give them;

A) creative and storytelling freedom

B) an opportunity to co-own media and to see significant return of value from their efforts

C) protection from needing to pursue alternative employment, i.e., a viable long term career opportunity

Most producers, actors, directors, make-up artists, writers, THE TALENT, have a huge opportunity at their feet.

The problem is, all the new players like Film 7, 60Frames, Jackson Bites, and Virtual Artists, are just trying to recreate the Studio model for the internet. These nouveau Studios still cover the financial risk, so inherently, the TALENT will still be dominated by these new firms, the firms will centralise and hold control of decision making, investment and allocation of people to projects.

This is a model that we all want to move away from, it cannot and does not scale. Unfortunately it looks like TV 2.0 will be more like TV 1.1